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Passing a Home Inspection

I don’t normally watch the show “King of the Hill”, but I thought I’d share this episode with you.

Home inspectors often get asked during an inspection “will [a certain problem] make this home fail the inspection?” The answer is NO. Home inspections are not a pass/fail situation. A thorough home inspection is for your benefit. During the course of the inspection, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the house. It’s your chance to follow a knowledgeable professional around the house and ask questions about how the house is constructed, how the components operate, and to find out what kind of defects may or may not exist.

This episode shows a home inspector “failing” a house, which can’t be done by an independent home inspector. But it’s still funny. Click HERE to watch.

Leaks, Leaks, and More Leaks!

The Exterior Design Institute (EDI), based in Norfolk, Virginia, is “a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of training and certifying Building Envelop and EIFS Inspectors and Moisture Analysts to promote quality control within the EIFS industry.”

Recently, the authors of this website were certified by EDI to perform building envelope inspections.

The “building envelope”, in simple terms, is the outside of our homes. Water infiltration is the #1 cause of damage to any residence. Moisture enters the home in many different ways. It also originates inside the home, and tries to get out in many different places. Locating and resolving those sources of moisture intrusion quickly can drastically reduce the causes of costly damage to any residence.

When hiring an inspector, consider their qualifications. Have you ever heard the adage “If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?” If your inspector doesn’t have the proper training to diagnose problems in a house you’re buying or selling, will the inspector be any help to you?

We’re here to help.

“No Inspection Contingencies”

Prior to a recent inspection on a house in the Kansas City area, I had the opportunity to read the MLS remarks on the house. The remark included these words: “No inspection contingencies no disclosures or warranties”.

I suspect the owners intentions were that the house was being sold “as-is”. But if you’re in the market to buy a house, and you read those words describing a house you’re looking at, a little voice inside your head should be screaming, at the top of its lungs, GET AN INSPECTION!!

In the case of the house I was inspecting, part of the roof needed replacement this year, and the entire roof within 5 years. The basement leaked. The furnace was subject to a recall about 20 years ago but was never serviced.

These kinds of problems can be costly to an unsuspecting buyer. Obviously, we believe that anyone buying a home should get an inspection. But when a seller looks you in the eye (figuratively, of course), and says you cannot have an inspection contingency in your contract, then you should suspect the seller has something to hide. When you read the words “No Inspection Contingency”, you should translate that to mean “Home Inspection REQUIRED”. 

What Do Home Inspections and NCAA Basketball Have in Common?

ku.jpgAs far as I can tell….Nothing. 

But it is my excuse for slacking off on regular postings. Between watching basketball and working, our attention has been diverted elsewhere.

 But the NCAA Final Four is this weekend, so things should return to normal, and we’ll work to get more home inspection related blogs written.

Go Jayhawks!

Home Inspections Required in Kansas and Missouri

As we mentioned before, we’ve been following the status of licensing or registration requirements for home inspectors in the legislatures of Kansas and Missouri recently. In an unexpected turn of events, Kansas House Bill 2315 and Missouri House Bill 2057 were simultaneously amended this morning and both passed by slim margins.

As a result, Home Inspections will be required in both Kansas and Missouri on ALL home sales beginning on January 1st.

Follow the details of the new requirements on home sales here.