If Something Looks Wrong … It Probably Is

For the handyman in the house: Just because Home Depot sells it, that doesn’t mean the product should be used.

Ever have a hard time lining up those sink drain pipes and a P-Trap? An easy solution to this problem is to use the flexible drain pipe that is readily available at many hardware and home improvment stores. They’re easy and quick to install. The problem is that they’re not listed or approved for use as plumbing materials in homes.jgg-004.jpg

Current building standards require “Drainage fittings shall have a smooth interior waterway” and “Drainage fittings shall have no ledges, shoulders or reductions which can retard or obstruct drainage flow in the piping.”

Flexible drain fittings can clog up easily as they trap grease, oils, hair, etc. in the folds, which leads to a bigger mess down the road. Home Inspectors see these fittings all the time, especially in re-hab homes.

The nice thing about Home Depot – they also sell the right parts for the job.


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