“It Was Just A Little Fire”

Burnt TrussOn a recent inspection, I noticed in the basement framing some charred framing members. I asked the real estate agent if they had any history on a previous fire in the home. I was informed that a fire had happened a couple years ago and the repairs had been completed. From the basement level, I could see that the fire had started around the fireplace. After probing some of the floor joists, the bottom level did not appear to be to badly damaged. To the eyes of the buyer and agent in the visible areas this could have been, and was, easily over looked as minor damage.

However, as I started inspecting the attic, beyond the scuttle opening, it was then evident that there was major structural damage.

The point of all of this is that, unless you have a good thorough inspection, the apparent minor issues may be overlooked and not be so minor. The framing members in this case were severely damaged trusses and should have been replaced.


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